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Courtroom Security
The Sheriff's Office is responsible for security in all the Courtrooms in Northumberland County. Our deputies are assigned to protect Judges and courtroom personnel to ensure their safety. Defendants, witnesses, attorneys, jurors and spectators fall under the watchful eye of our deputies. During high profile criminal cases public emotion runs high, evidence must be protected, witnesses and familys separated. The court must run at a smooth pace to insure fairness for all concerned, as well as the confidence that everyone feels secure.

In addition, The Sheriff's Office is responsible for prisoner transportation from the Northumberland County Jail to the courthouse. While in the courthouse our deputies are responsible for the safe custody of the prisoners. In these days were Americans need to be vigilant and on alert, we ask all citizens to notify our office to any suspicious activity or threats to the Northumberland County Courthouse, Judges, Elected Officials or County Employees. Please call:

Fax: 570-988-4496
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201 Market Street
Sunbury, PA 17801
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9:00 AM- 4:30 PM
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