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Sheriff Chad A. Reiner, Turbo The Turtle and Mr. Mike

Sheriff Reiner announces Deputy Phil “The Super Hero Challenge” program

Every child has a dream of saving the world by becoming a Super Hero like Batman or Wonder Woman. And although the ability to fly and see through walls is beyond their capability, local children are learning that they do have hero capability to make our community a safer and better place to live. This was the message that was presented to area elementary students about safety and citizenship as part of the Deputy Phil program for the 2009 school year, which is sponsored by Sheriff Chad A. Reiner of the Northumberland County Sheriff’s Office. By emphasizing the positive actions of role models, Creative Safety Products has developed a lesson plan wherein students make connections to their own personal safety and civic responsibility by emulating the good examples of real super heroes like their parents, teachers and local law enforcement officers.

This year, the fun filled and informative thirty minute assembly was entitled “The Super Hero Challenge!” Since feedback is crucial to learning, the Deputy Phil program encourages students to talk about safety with their peers.

Along with the help of a loveable animated character named Turbo The Turtle, the children quickly become motivated to solve such problems as Internet safety, stranger awareness and accident prevention. During the presentation, the Deputy Phil Program also engages the students in magical and musical activities that promote citizenship by using the character values of responsibility, respect, honesty, kindness, friendship and politeness as special “super powers” found in our community.

In addition to the unique school assembly, each student receives a colorful Deputy Phil activity booklet that was provided by local merchants through their generous contributions, which make this program possible. I would like to give my deepest thanks to all the local businesses who donated, you make this educational program a success! These workbooks are designed to help children further develop a sense of empowerment in dealing with personal safety and crime prevention issues.

I am a proud 5-year member of “FIGHT CRIME INVEST IN KIDS” and the Northumberland County Sheriff’s Office is very much a part of your community and we recognize our obligation to the youth of this county. As a result, boys and girls in Kindergarten through fourth grade can now make their Super Hero dreams come true in Northumberland County, USA!

The Northumberland County Sheriff's Office has a definite interest in our young people. Preparing our children in the early ages with value based educational programs will help prepare them to be responsible young citizens. We must overcome the attitudes of anti-social behavior, lack of responsibility and the rising violence in schools.

The Deputy Phil program is a bridge to help us reach our children to instill responsibility, safety awareness and positive attitudes. These ideas are presented to our youth through a unique series of illustrations and work projects. Informative books, animated presentations, teacher input and parental participation.

This program is funded by private individuals and businesses. No taxpayer money is used to fund this program. We like to thank all those who have supported the Deputy Phil Program. If you would like to become a Deputy Phil supporter or would like copy of the Deputy Phil book please call us at: 570-988-4155 or drop us an email.
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